Fishing Report: July 25, 2015

Hi, I’m Nate Raymond from Fish Tech Outfitters, and as you can see, sometimes we’re going to need the drag on our reel to help us fight big fish.

Some reels have what’s called a click and ball drag. These are driven by just a peg under tension, rotating over bumps on a gear. This reel has a very light drag, which makes it light weight and simple. But it’s nowhere near able to fight a big Dan fish like we just hooked into. The other type of drag I want to talk about is a disk drag.

Moist reels on the market today have a disk drag. This is just a drag where a rotating peg has two disks under tension that are rubbing against each other and are using the friction to slow down the reel. Lamson has developed a new drag system. It’s very similar to a disk drag, but they folded it, making it smaller.

They have the same surface area in a cone shape. This makes it simpler and lighter. We’ve got a cone sitting inside a cylinder, and they rub together, creating friction, slowing down the reel. My favorite is the Lamson Remix. I like this reel because it’s at the lower end of the scale, running $170 retail. But it has a machine frame, making it a little bit stronger, and a little bit lighter weight.

Here at Fish Tech, Lamson reels are one of our favorites. If you want to come down and see them to check them out, we’re happy to show them to you.

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