Fishing Report: Dec. 19, 2015

George Sommer here with Fish Tech Outfitters and we’ve already talked about ice safety and tonight we are going to talk about ice comfort. When you go ice fishing you want to be comfortable when you are out there. Especially if you take kids with you. So we’ve got some tips here on things you can take with you that will make that a fun, comfortable ice fishing trip. Start off with layering. We’ve got tops and bottoms, you want something that is going to wick away the moisture, keep you warm underneath your bibs or coveralls. The other thing I’m going to have is a good pair of socks, things for your head, hats. Then a nice good warm pair of gloves. I personally like this style of gloves, because your fingers are exposed, but you’ve got a fold over mitten, to keep your hands warm when the fish aren’t biting. A key thing with kids when you take kids, is to have hand warmers and foot warmers and then an important feature that is often overlooked is sunglasses. You know you go out on those fun days, when the sun is glaring off the ice. You need something to protect your eyes. Probably the most important thing you can take with you when ice fishing is sunscreen. Again, when the sun is coming off that ice, you can get a sunburn and a windburn. This will help keep you protected and we want to keep you from getting skin cancer.

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