Utah Field Guide: Burbot Bash

Anglers by the hundreds will converge on Flaming Gorge Reservoir for the annual Burbot Bash
Tournament held January 22nd thru the 24th at Lucerne Valley Marina.

The burbot is an invasive species in Utah and not welcome in Utah waters.

Burbot spawn in the winter, typically under the ice. That is why biologists encourage anglers to target burbot before they spawn. One female burbot can produce over a million eggs.

Adult burbot prey almost exclusively on fish. In Flaming Gorge biologists have observed burbot eating all species of fish, including crayfish. There’s no limit on burbot at Flaming Gorge, so catch as many as you can and cook them up.

For the Burbot Bash. Biologists will tag burbot and anglers that catch those tagged fish can redeem them for big prizes and money. Register now on-line at burbotbash.com. The Burbot Bash will be followed by the Buckboard Classic Burbot Tournament January 29th thru the 31st. For more information, check out our outdoors page at KSL.com for past stories and links to register for both tournaments.

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