Fishing Report: Dec. 26, 2015

Do you know what kind of fish this is? It’s a whitefish. Hi, I’m Mickey Anderson from Fish Tech with this weeks fishing report. Hey the lakes are freezing now and a lot of guys are ice fishing but if you are not willing to give up on the rivers yet, go after the whities. Here’s how to do it. First you’ve got to find them. Whitefish are schooling fish and the generally feed close to the bottom. Plan on catching several out of one hole and don’t be satisfied with just one. Now once you find the fish, here is how you set it up. You need a lot of weight so that you can get down really fast and you want to use an indicator that is big enough to float all the weight. Now what I like to do is put a series of small weights on the bottom and adjust my indicator so that only one of those is touching the bottom and it can drag along in a natural presentation. This same rig will work, but just taking the indicator off and using your spinning rod. Whitefish mouths are really small. If you are getting a lot of hits and misses, your fly might be too big. Try one of these, they are a little bit smaller. Here is a few of my favorites. I like the surveyer and sow bugs with beads, that will give me a little more weight to get me down a little quicker. My favorite are sow bugs. Be sure you’ve got a midge and a baetis as one of your selections as well. Whities have a really soft mouth and the hook will actually tear right out of their mouth. Use a really light rod. My favorite is a ten foot, three weight Sage ESN.

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