Fishing Report: Jan. 16, 2016

I get questions about fishing line all the time, and what they’re used for. Well what we’ve got now, is we’ve got three or four different styles. The monofilament, which is the most common line made, has got stretch. So I like using that for crankbaits, or something where I want a little stretch in my line. Flourocarbon has less stretch, it’s heavier, it doesn’t it doesn’t absorb water, and it’s invisible under the water to the fish because it’s almost the same light refraction as water. Now you’ve got super lines. You’ve got fused lines, you got braided lines, and you’ve got extruded line. All three of these have no stretch. For the super lines, you need something that will cut them like a good pair of shears. I like these boomerangs. Also you need some good scissors. These happen to be the Cortland Superbraid Scissors. The Boomerang are pretty good because you can push them in. Now your scissors are shut. Pull it out. And also, they cut real well. You just put your line in there and clip it. If you have any questions on line, how to cut line, come on down to Fish Tech and we’ll help you out.

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