Fishing Report: Dec. 6, 2014

(Chris Jonhson) nice sunrise. (adam) yeah it’s pretty isn’t it.

The next day, more hunters have joined us.

All from Utah and all have served our country.

(Shawn Shaw) You’ve got Kim over here, he was knee deep in bodies for years. You know he won’t admit to it, but like Mark was saying, he thinks he has PTSD but he fights through it everyday. Just one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Shawn didn’t serve in the armed forces, but understands what it is these guys have given up, for all of us.

(Shawn Shaw) Think about it we go out on a five day hunting trip. Think about how much you miss your family in that five, six or eight days. You have no phone. These guys do it for two and three years. Seven, eight months at a time.

Like Chris Johnson from Grantsville who served for four years.

(Chris Jonhson, Grantville Served in the Army 1996-2000) I usually go once or twice a year but usually it’s not quite like this. This has been good. (adam) it’s kind of nice, the deks are set, the blinds are set. (chris) yeah I’m used to walking out several miles on a dike and walking out another one or two miles carrying decoys and then hauling everything back out so this is great. Just coming out and having everything set up for you already.

(Chris Johnson) A lot of these guys have not hunted before or haven’t hunted in many years, so just a great opportunity.

(Adam) what does it mean to a vet to be recognized? It means a lot to them, back in the day there was nothing like this. So now, they appreciate everything you do for them.

(Wayne Dickens, Served during Desert Storm) we’ve seen it in our history where veterans have come home from foreign wars and were forgotten. For awhile they were forgotten again until here recently we’ve had a little renewal where people are starting to do things with wounded warriors projects, a show of support, various other organizations that are taking our vets out on hunts, fishing trips and just thanking them for their service showing them they can get back involved in the outdoors and be a part of something bigger.

and for a lot of these guys that’s exactly what this is about. It didn’t matter if they hit the duck or not.

Just the fact they were out with their brothers in arms, doing something they all like to do…

(Mark Ballard) I think we get more out of it than they do. It’s our way of saying thanks and to us that’s pretty important.

Next up, we’ll introduce you to a father and son who both served and haven’t hunted together in years. That just ahead, but first back to the guys at Fish Tech for tonights Fishing Report.

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