Fishing Report: Nov. 22, 2014

Usually when you go hunting there’s got to be a bet, between men. (adam) sure. (gabe) I asked him, jonathan are you going to be shaky in the morning? When that big bull comes in. within range. Are you going to be shaky at all. (jonathan) no. (gabe) and I called his bluff.

(Gabe) if he does not shake, I will jump into lake from the deck. (laughs) (adam) but if he does?

(Jonathan) if I do shake, they I’m running and hoping into the lake. (adam) you are serious? (jon) yeah. I kind of fell guilty with this bet, because I know what is going to happen. I feel guilty taking advantage of you. (jon) yeah sure.

The next morning.

Jonathan’s hunt is finally on.

(Bob) You’ll have to get some pictures of the tennis shoes he’s wearing. Show us you new hunting boots, sweet.

Johnson Mountain CWMU is known for big bulls and a lot of elk. Today.

(Adam) Little muddy. (jonathan) just a little bit.

Mother Nature has dealt us a mix of rain, snow and slippery mud, making hunting tough. But that isn’t stopping Jonathan.

(Bob Thomas) Yeah he was pretty tough this morning. He was huffing and puffing a little bit, but I was cold looking at him.

With the weather, the elk have gone silent. We just couldn’t find any. But getting this kid out on his first elk hunt is much more than just killing a bull.

(Gabe Patterson) There’s something about the outdoors that wakes you up, let’s you know that you are alive and there’s more to life than what they probably already know as life. You know, home, school, hospitals, being sick.

(Gabe Patterson) So I guess that’s what I’d like to see. It fills my cup up, not only as a sportsman, but as a game warden. To see how excited they get.

(Gabe Patterson) To let them.

(Gabe Patterson) enjoy the outdoors, and spark a new, hopefully a new hobby and interest into their life.

(Gabe) death march huh?

The steep hills and downright awful conditions were wearing on this young man who has lost a portion of one of his lungs. But you wouldn’t know it, because Jonathan didn’t complain.

(bob) how are your hands doing? (jonathan) great.

Not once.

(Gabe Patterson) he’s had to earn his life every step of the way and this elk this morning. We didn’t just go out and find an elk, he had to go out and now he’s earning this elk almost which I hope means more to him in the end. Kind of like his life, the harder you fight for something the more it means to you.

(Gabe Patterson) I think that’s going to be exciting when that actually happens.

Admit it you were cold. (john) I was definitely cold. (adam) You had sneakers on, it was snowing kid. (john) Yeah and muddy. (adam) Alright tonight we are going to hammer an elk, but I don’t want to see you shake, because I want to see Gabe take a swim. (john) Definitely. (adam) Alright lets do it, Jonathan’s hunt coming up, Gabe swimming coming up, but first back to the guys at Fish Tech for tonights fishing report.

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