Fishing Report: Nov. 15, 2014

(Bret Wonnacott, Upland Game Hunter) so when he gets on a bird, he’s going to stop and go and stop and go. When he walks up with intensity you know he’s on a real point.

(Bret) where did he go buddy?

(Bret) Watching a young dog come up is one of the true pleasures in life that a lot of people will never understand.

(Bret) Watching a dog turn on and point his first bird. We watched Greg’s pup today get excited about bird scent probably. You see the fire in their eyes. Their every being is meant to hunt birds and you can see it in their every fiber when it starts to turn on. It’s one of the most exciting things.

(Bret) woo! (birds flush, Brett shoots two) Fetch! I shot a limit, I don’t know what is wrong with you guys. Fetch (bret laughs)

(Bret) good boy, come on.

(Bret) fetch him here. Just a young bird. Drop, drop. Dead bird fetch!

(Bret) I don’t want to see the bird dog sport disappear and it seems to me there is less and less guys into bird dogs and less and less kids into bird dogs.

(Bret) come on Tic fetch, that a boy.

(Bret) That’s one of the things that I like about the Fish and Game getting involved in this pheasant release program. It’s not exactly my cup of tea, but it helps people get started and get involved in it.

Bret and his trusted dog Tic are some of the most avid upland game hunters you’ll find. They chase birds all over the West. He hopes this DWR pheasant release program will help inspire hunters to try others upland game species as well.

(Bret) I love to hunt chukers and forest grouse. I love to hunt them all. Pheasants are really fun and that goes on here for awhile. But chucker goes on for another couple of months yet. I think forest grouse is open for at least another month, maybe two.

(Greg) yeah I recently bought a puppy on KSL. It’s great, I’m not an expert on dog training but I’m trying to have some fun and teach her a little about this and teach myself a little bit more about it. Upland game is a lot of fun, fun family sport. That leads into turkey hunting and some of the other bird hunting opportunities we have.

Greg says the DWR is going full speed ahead right now, trying to give Utahans more opportunity. They’ve got mountain goat, big horn sheep and antelope relocation projects that are in the works. He believes the fishing and waterfowl hunting this winter will be some of the best sportsmen have seen in a long time. And he says, right now is the time for sportsmen and women to voice their concerns on how Utah’s wildlife is managed.

(Greg) You know Utah has a really great public hearing process. There are RAC meetings that occur this time around the state, almost every month. We have wildlife board meetings. If you really are not interested in participating that way. You can go to our website, email us comments and take those seriously. (adam) you read those. (greg) I read those, they come right to me, it gives me an opportunity to see what is going on.

(Greg) everywhere we went we didn’t get most of the birds, but we saw some or shot at them so.

(Greg) Yeah come take advantage of it, it’s that time of year. This goes clear till the first week of December, so don’t miss out on it. (adam) Hey we’ve got more coming up here on KSL Outdoors.

The original Burbot Bash is back and we’ll show you what biologists learned from pulling burbot nets at Flaming gorge.

(Adam) that in a moment, but first back to the guys at Fish Tech for tonights fishing report.

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