Fishing Report: Oct. 11, 2014

(Josh Noble) Ducks Unlimited and the population studies say the duck population is way up, so everything is good from that perspective, the downside that we’ve got is we just don’t have any water.

Josh is right, the Great Salt Lake is experiencing record low water levels. Levels that we haven’t seen since the 1960’s.

(Rich Hansen) We rely on the GSL to hold a lot of birds around here and with that low lake level, a lot of them might just by pass us.

That’s the bad news, the good news is that mallards, gadwall, blue-winged teal, green-winged teal and northern shovelers populations are at or near historic high levels. Other good news for hunters, is that our Wildlife Management Areas do have plenty of water.

(Rich Hansen Manager Farmington Bay W.M.A.) yeah water at Farmington Bay is excellent. We’ve had water all year in the ponds. we will be able to sustain that water throughout the hunt so water conditions within the WMA are great.

(Rich Hansen) the rains that we got in August were very kind to the WMA. A lot of the farmers stopped irrigating during that time, so

(Rich Hansen) Public Shooting Grounds and Salt Creek were able to fill all of their impoundments, during August, during the rainstorms.

Josh is about as avid of a duck hunter that you’ll find in Utah and he believes this year hunters are going to have to do their homework.

(Josh Noble) Make sure that you scout, this is going to be really crucial, you’ve got to scout. get out there spend some time without your gun in hand watch where those birds are going and if you scout for a day or two. by that third day you are going to have yourself a pretty good shoot. if you just go historically back to the same place that you’ve been in years past, you may not have the same bounty that you’ve had in previous years.

A few changes for hunters this year, one the Canada goose limit is now four instead of three. And, have you ever wanted to bring your spouse, child or friend along on the hunt and give them a chance at hunting, but they don’t have their Hunter Education? Now you can. The DWR has started what they are calling their Trial Hunting Program. The program allows a licensed hunter, who must be at least 21 years old, to take someone 12 years of ag or older hunting.

The new hunter must have the proper hunting licenses and must complete a brief online orientation course. After three years, the hunter if they want to continue hunting, they then must complete a Hunter Education course.

(Rich Hansen) It’s a good idea and I think I read that there were 35 states that had previously done this with high success rates. It’s really safe if you have that mentor hunter and it’s just a good deal. A good way to recruit hunters.

Well the hotdogs are grilling at the Camp Chef, Widowmaker Boats cookout. Here with Chuck and Chuck this was part of the DWR’s Mentor Program? (chuck) absolutely. (adam) have some people show up. (chuck) yup, we had a pretty good turnout. There was 30 kids that won the hunt through the Mentor Program. We were able to get most of those out today, shoot some ducks, have some fun, one way or another. Then we came out here, cooked some lunch and having a great time. (adam) nice day out in the marsh wasn’t it. Hot. (chuck) great day.

(adam) so get out this year and remember like the guys said, you are going to have to do some scouting to have some success. Time now to head back to the guys at Fish Tech for tonights fishing report.

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