Fishing Report: Oct. 4, 2014

(Ray Brown, California Archery Hunter) When we first got here they showed us video of big bulls and we said man these guys did their homework. So it was first class all the way.>

Ray has been hunting for ten days. He’s had some close calls, he’s been dealing with a severe cough and has yet to pull his bow back. He and his guide Paul Davis are hunting out of one of about a dozen tree stands that Strawberry Outfitters has on set on the mountain.

(Paul Phillips, Strawberry Bay Outfitters Owner) (adam) You have your sons, your brother, everybody helps out. (paul) We do, it’s a family operation, but we also have some really great guides working for us now that have joined our operation that know the unit and they are having success. So we are kind of growing, but I like to keep it small also so that we can keep that family atmosphere.

(John Phillips, Strawberry Bay Outfitters) and we gather around in that conference room when we are eating and it’s all good times. We are sharing everybodies experience right there in that room.>

Ray has to leave after tonights hunt. He and his guide Paul Davis are down to the last hour of his ten day hunt when just before dark this beautiful 340 class bull steps from the pines, headed for a wallow. For Ray, it’s now or never

(Ray Brown) He was supposed to come to the wallow right in front of us at 15 yards, but he decides to go to the other wallow, so it was a 45 yard shot.

The bull presents a perfect quartering away shot.

(Ray Brown) I made the shot and we weren’t sure if I’d hit it, but when he got up here he was thrashing around pretty good.

Ray’s shot was perfect, the bull didn’t go but a few yards up the hill.

(Ray Brown and Paul Davis, Guide, Strawberry Bay Outfitters) This is the big boy and this is Paul Davis who helped me out. Hunted with me hard for, I was here ten days. I think Paul you hunted with me more than half the time. (paul) Yeah pretty close. (ray) He put up with me for a long time, me and my coughing. But he still came in. (paul) an hour left. (ray) Yup, what a bull. Fifty yards he went. Straight up hill though. (paul) 45 yard shot, great shot. Like I said, we weren’t sure he hit it but he didn’t go far. (troy) it’s a beautiful bull, great shot, great job. (paul) now comes the fun part.

(Paul) There’s not greater satisfaction than to see a guy who worked really hard to get a bull and finally get it.

(Paul) you see the results we are having, working hard and then to actually see the harvest on the ground and their elation and satisfaction is just why it drives me, drives all of our guys to keep doing it.

(Ray Brown) What an amazing bull, especially for the last day.

Up Next.

(Adam) you keep your eyes on the blood and I’ll keep my eyes up.

I get a chance to help Hunter Houghton on his big bull dreams and.

I’m down to the last two days of my hunt. But first back to the guys at Fish Tech for tonights fishing report.

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