Fishing Report: Sept. 27, 2014

(Adam) do you see all these ones here real low? (sandra) yeah. (adam) they are all does.

(Sandra) (adam) having never hunted before. Why did you put in for a hunt?

(sandra) I like trying new things.
(Sandra) I felt good about it. I thought wow, what a way to go hunting, have a guide, have it paid for, have a nice place to stay. So no better way right.

(Sandra) I had to take the hunters education and that was good. I got my license and took my test the day before we left and fortunately I passed and it was the first time I’d ever shot a rifle. So this was very new to me all the way around.

(Sandra) how about the one on the far left? (adam) yeah that’s a doe.

(sandra) stop moving…

(sandra takes a breathe and shoots)

(Adam) went high. That’s alright. (sandra) should I go again? (adam) no they are running.

Sandra is finding out that shooting at the range is a little easier than shooting at an animal.

(Adam) missed her by that much. (sandra) that much, he’s being nice it was that much. (adam) we went and looked for blood we can’t find any, so it was a good shot we are going to keep going.

(Sandra) It was a struggle for myself, ok calm down, breathe. I was off a little bit. I felt bad that I missed.

Not ten minutes later Sandra spotted some more speed goats at 175 yards and got a chance to redeem herself.

(Adam) you’ve got one in there. Your safety is on. The one on the left now. Ok we want to wait until she’s broadside. (sandra) safety is on. (click) (adam) Ok, just one second, I want to get on the glass. Just take your time these ones are in no hurry.

(Adam) Just don’t shoot the little one, let him clear. Are you on the big one. The upper one right? (sandra) yeah but her back is to me, stop, stop, stop. (adam) it’s a good shot.

(shot) (adam) good shot.

(pregnant pause) how do you feel? (sandra) I have mixed emotions right now. (adam) yeah. (adam) it’s tough taking an animals life sometimes.

(Adam) let’s go take a look.

(Sandra) I am full Navajo.

(sandra) I’d like to as much as possible follow what tradition is for my people.

(Sandra) in my tradition you lay the animals head to the East.

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