Fishing Report: Oct. 3, 2015

I’m George Sommer with Fish Tech Outfitters. Today we’re going to talk about fall fishing at Strawberry. Things are really heating up right now, and now is the time to go. We’ve got some baits here to use. We’ve got tube jigs, we’ve got swim baits, and we’ve got Lucky Craft Lures. We’ve got all the right colors here, greens, whites, sand. And in swim baits we’ve got minnow-looking patterns. And the same thing with the Lucky Crafts. We’ve got rainbow trout, and something to look like minnows. You’re going to buy a jig head, and that goes inside the tube jig. Jig head goes on the swim bait. And you’re just going to cast it out and retreive it slowly. Sometimes the fish are on the surface. Sometimes they’re down a little ways. With the Lucky Crafts, you’re going to cast them out and you’re going to jerk them and stop. Jerk, jerk, stop. Jerk stop. What happens is that bait suspends, stops, and when you start to move it, the fish sees it getting away and they’re going to whack it. So you got all kinds of great baits here to go catch trout at Strawberry, they’ll work on the rainbows, the cutthroats. It’s a great way to have a good time. For tips, tricks, techniques and all the tackle you need for fall Strawberry fishing, stop in at Fish Tech Outfitters.

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