Fishing Report: Oct. 17, 2015

Hey, some people don’t like long hair. But I do. Especially when it’s on big flies like these. Hi I’m Mickey Anderson with Fish Tech, with this week’s streamer report. Streamers are a lot of fun to fish, but it helps if you have the right gear. First thing you want is a little stiffer rod. Get it up around a 7 weight. Now the line that you’re going to use, my favorite is a sink tip. The back portion floats, the front of it sinks. This is going to let you cast and get your fly down and strip it through the water straight. Now your leaders on your sink tip, have them short and heavy. On your floating line, long is going to be a little bit better. Now the flies have groups. There’s attractors, minnow imitations, and sculpin imitations. The attractors are going to get you a reaction strike. That’s when the fish are going to see something flashy and move to grab it. Minnow-type patterns are going to swim through the water so you can cast it across or downstream and kind of swim them back up. And sculpin patterns you want right on the bottom. Now casting is a little bit different too. You don’t want the nice, tight dry-fly cast that has all the acceleration right at the end. You want the acceleration throughout the entire stroke, more like that to throw an open loop. Hey and the next time you’re in the store, check out the hot buys on some of our closeout items. For these streamer tips, closeouts and a whole lot more, come on down to Fish Tech and we’ll help you out.

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