Fishing Report: Oct. 24, 2015

this is PJ Callister with this week’s Fish Tech fishing tip. This week, I want to talk about bounce rigs. When you’re tying up a bounce rig using leader and tippet, you want to attach the tippet to the leader using either a double surgeons-knot, or a triple surgeons-knot. And that knot should look something like this. And we just, when it comes together, makes a nice knot like that and then here’s your tag end. And this is where your flies are going to go like you can see right here. There’s a second way to tie up this bounce rig. And what this rig is, is we kind of call it the slider rig. And that’s because the tag ends can slide up and down oin the main line. To tie this rig up, you’ve got to have fluorocarbon. That is imperative. And then for your tippet, you want to use 4x or lighter. So all it is, is you take a main line of that fluorocarbon, you put an ovrhand knot in it, and then you take your tippet, and you do a clinch knot around the main line, pull it tight and pull it into the overhand knot and you’re done. And it’s very important that the indicator you choose is a very bouyant one. I actually prefer the airlock. It screws onto the line, and wherever you decide to lock it down, you just screw it tight and it stays there. And it won’t kink your line. For tips like this or on anything else, come on down to Fish Tech.

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