Fishing Report: Oct. 31, 2015

You know what they say about guys with big feet. We step on a lot of eggs. Hi I’m Mickey Anderson from Fish Tech with this weeks fishing report. Hey this time of year the browns are spawning. You really have got to be careful where you walk. What you want to look for is a clean gravel area where the females have gone in and cleaned the bottom to lay their eggs. stay away from those areas, leave those fish alone. That’s the future of our fishing. If you want to fish though, fish below those redds, those cleaned areas and here’s the way you do it. This time of year when the browns are just getting started you want to use a real flourescent colored egg. Make it really easy to find. Once the fish have seen a lot of eggs. then you want to use a little more natural color something like this. Now here is the trick. When one female has been in on an area, she found a good area to clean the bottom and make her redd. Another female will come in a couple of weeks later and try to clean that same area. She’s going to wash these already fertilized eggs down the stream and the fish are going to feed on those. That’s when you use this real pale washed out color egg. If you oppossed to using egg patterns, just try a colored scud it will work just as well. If you are a streamer fisher, this time of year the fish are very territorial and they are going to chase stuff around. If they can run it off, they’ll leave it alone. If it stays there they are going to hit at it. So use a really light weight streamer. and the next time you are in Fish Tech. Check out our clearance items, we’ve got some killer deals. For these tips and a whole lot more come down to Fish Tech and we’ll help you out.

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