Fishing Report: Sept. 19, 2015

Look at these big bad boys. My arm is getting tired. Well some of us. That’s Jared Hargrave, our producer. That’s what 17 pounds Casey? Yup. 17 pounds, probably 12-14, Tonya has about a 15 pound. We won’t say what jeff has over here. The law is as soon as it comes to the surface, you are not able to put them back and Pybus Point and Casey they live by the letter of the law. You get two of these per season, you are done. I’m done, this is my second one. Some of us will be eating well.

Up Next from Alaska: (shrimp in pot) there’s a few.

We target fresh crab and shrimp, (girls) no, no, no! (jeff) do you want some? Is that’s what’s wrong? (girls) oh, no.

but first back to the guys at Fish Tech for tonight’s fishing report.

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