Fishing Report: Sept. 12, 2015

The salmon fishing was easily some of the fastest I’ve ever experienced, with double and even triples coming to the boat.

Get the downriggers please. Both of them? Yup. (line screaming off Tonya’s line)

My wife was hooked up with something big while Steve was into another nice silver.

(fish splash) woo. That’s a good silver. He’s attacking the net. (net fish) oh yeah look at that! That thing is a pig. Woo hoo.

When do I reel? When it stops running. You have a king.

(Steve) that’s the magic stuff right there. Big fish up here in Alaska. Love it!

what have you got? She’s got a king.

How do you know? By the way it’s fighting.

Woo, hoo…I can see him know!

Go slow, go slow. Oh yeah, nice fish. (net fish) oh yeah you’ve got the five bucks! Look at that. Stinking silvers. Wow!

one of the things we sell to people is the calmness of the water. Even though we are on the Pacific ocean, it’s inside passage water. And so we are very protected. 90% of the time the water is flat calm, much like you see in the background of the shot right here and so our boats are outfitted accordingly and yet we can take any kind of water that comes available. We run 30 foot all aluminum boats.

All the safety gear is provided on the boats. We keep them updated in the latest in electronics in terms of radar, sonar, GPS and that all comes together to make the fishing experience as good as it is.

Well we know that a dodger and hoochie will work. But today we are going to try a flyrod. We are thinking that maybe if we can get this fly in front of some of the trailing fish, we might actually be able to hook a coho on a flyrod.

Have you ever seen anyone mend a flyrod on the ocean. Ladies and gentlemen, Adam Eakle.

Oh I’ve got a trailer.

Come on, hit it!

Fish on! On the flyrod. There’s another trailer out there.

Psychotic silver going off. Here he comes.

And a nice Rainy Fly. Net him…Nice.. Woo hoo.

(Casey) there’s another one, there’s another one. Right on it. In his mouth. You got it. (steve sets hook) yeah! (laughs) on a flyrod.

Man i’ve seen the site fishing for like tropical species, but salmon in Alaska. Yeah.

What a thrill to catch a fish on a downrigger only to have his buddies follow him up and we catch them to.

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