Green River Fishing Tactics

With an estimated 12-15 thousand fish per mile on the Green, it’s no wonder the Green is a world renowned fly fishing destination, but having the right fly at the right time can mean the difference between a good day or a great day.

Dave Peters, a Flaming Gorge Resort Guide stated “See some of the dry fly stuff that we are fishing at this time of year. A lot of foam flies, big foam, chernobyl type ants, lot of grasshoppers, pink, purple, nitro looking hoppers with a good body. These black parachute madam X have been very good for the last couple of weeks out here.”

While Insect hatches are prolific. Scuds are a primary food source and are effective throughout the year. Midges are another fly I’d try, they work on and below the surface throughout the winter.

Travis Ruiz Avid Fly Guy said “These fish have a tenancy to come up real soft and slowly turn, so you have to wait, take a deep breathe and then set the hook.”

The green is loaded just with food but because brown trout are piscivorous, sculpin and small fish make up a large part of their diet. So a fly isn’t the only way to fish this river.

Strict regulations keep the fishing good in on the Green River, artificial flies and lures only. The limit is 3 trout, 2 under 15, one over 22. All fish between 15 and 22 must be released.

Brett Prettyman, SL Tribune Outdoors writer said, “Even if you are not an anglers, everybody who lives in Utah should see this river. it is amazingly beautiful, this is my home river, this is where I long to be on those long days in the office.”

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