Single Fly Competition on the Green River

In this week’s show Adam Eakle and others are at the Green River near Flaming Gorge highlighting the beauty and the great fishing of our own, Green River.

The goal for tonight’s show is to get you and your family to get out to the Green River and experience this beautiful place. The show features a competition called the single fly, loose your fly and the game is over. The competition takes place among several fishing teams, made up of guides and anglers from all over. Each team is awarded a point for each fish caught.

This competition takes place every year. The money earned from the single fly helps sustain the river and also goes in to the local economy. This is a wonderful event that creates a lot of excitement and benefits those who love the Green River.

Team Stone-Fly Society won the competitions this year. The largest trout landed came in at 21 inches and the most trout caught by a single competitor was 43. The entry fee for the Single Fly is 250 dollars a person, that includes a night stay at the Flaming Gorge Resort, breakfast, lunch and two dinners and a day of fishing on the river.

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