Ice Fishing and a Deer Hunt and A Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep Hunt

Adam Eakle and the KSL Outdoors show are on the first hunt on Antelope
Island in 30 years and are ice fishing at Huntington Reservoir early in the
Huntington is a great reservoir, usually one of the first to freeze and usually
some great fishing
Kevin Phillips is an avid ice angler and loves to hit Huntington just after ice up.
He met up with the Outdoor Show and gave some tips of where to place there
lines on the ice.
Phillips came upon a Tiger trout; Tiger trout are a cross between the brook
trout and the brown trout. The DWR started planting them in here in the early
nineties and occasionally anglers will see them pushing 4 pounds.
Eakle said “You know a few other things you should have with you when ever
you go ice fishing. One take a buddy with you of course, that way you have
someone to help you in case you do fall in. And if you do fall in have some ice
picks to help you claw your way back on the ice and maybe a length of rope
with a throw cushion”
Native populations of Rocky Mountain big horn sheep were nearly extirpated
in Utah following pioneer settlement. With the help of conservation
organizations like the Utah Foundation of North American Wild Sheep, the
DWR has bolstered populations across the state. Larry Mower and his wife
Cathy had an opportunity to hunt a fairly new herd here in Utah on a range, .
Mower is wildlife enthusiast I met years ago on Antelope Island. Mower drew
one of three, coveted Newfoundland Mountain, big horn sheep tags for a herd
that was established when sheep were transplanted off of Antelope Island and
onto the Newfoundland range.
With the help of some friends the Mowers were able to find their coveted
sheep and Cathy Mower was able to drop the ram with one shot.

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