Idaho Goose Hunt

Adama Eakle and the KSL Outdoor Show went up to Idaho to provide an
inside look at the Idaho goose hunt.

Idaho’s Daily Bag Limit is one bird more than Utah’s. Here you can shoot
four per day and have eight in possession. If you want to hunt Idaho, a
three day, small game hunting license will run you about 35 bucks. Don’t
forget to purchase a Migratory Game Bird Harvest Information Validation.
That will run an additional four dollars and 25 cents and you’ll still need
your duck stamp, and hip number.

Nathan Stohosky, Idaho Conservation Officer said, “Some of the other
things that we are looking for are plugged shotguns, the steel shot
requirement that guys are meeting those. We are also looking that when
guys do harvest birds and they are transporting them we want to make sure
they are transporting them so that we know what birds they are. So we are
looking for evidence of sex and species on those birds.”

You should obtained permission to hunt cultivated field months in advance.
Securing and keeping access to private lands is one of the most important
aspects of the hunt.

Stohosky said, “Most landowners aren’t against them coming out and
but they like to know in advance. The guys at this time of year are trying to
get their fields worked up for new crops or they are trying to get things

Jeff Bringhurst, a Utah Goose Hunter said “Make the field look better than
when you came in. Don’t rut it up if it’s muddy, stay on the same paths
when you are driving in. The farmers, understand you need to drive in and
out of the field. They are ok with it as long as you’re not going out and
destroying their field.”

These guys are what I would call experienced goose hunters. They say
calling and flagging at the right time and your hide can mean the difference
between a good day and a great day. Today with ten shooters, our hide
was pivotal.

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