Bison Round Up

Every year Antelope Island host, the annual buffalo roundup Tim Hughes and
Adam Eakle participated in the round up. The purpose of the round up is to
push the 550 buffalo form the Garr Ranch to the other side of the island to
get them into pens.

Over 300 volunteer riders from all over the country are on hand for the
mandatory safety meeting before our ride. Some are real cowboys adorned in
stetson’s, boots, even spurs. These cowboys and girls are used to rounding up
cattle, the bison roundup, they tell us is a different story.

Riders must be 18 and able to handle a horse. Most are here as spectators,
others just want to stay out of the way of the buffalo.
Once the Buffalo are in the pen they are separated into chutes are evaluated
blood samples are taken and the buffalo are vaccinated to insure the health of
the buffalo.

Antelope Island is also home to some big mule deer and other varieties of wild
life. The island is great for camping and other recreational activities.

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