Kiarra Trussell’s Hunt

Adam Eakle hosts the KSL Outdoor Show. This weeks show features the
of a young girl, 12 year old Kiarra Trussell, who lives her dream because of
some great sportsmen.

At the age of 6 Trussell was diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia. A rare
that causes nervous system damage. It usually begins in childhood and
to impaired muscle coordination, that worsens over time. The disease has
quickly taken Kiarra’s ability to walk.

Kory Trussell father of Kirra said, “last year they had hunters safety in
and she came home and said she wanted to take hunter safety. So I was for
and she said she wanted to shoot a deer.”

Encouraged by Kiarra’s desire to hunt, Kory called his friend Chad
who called DJ Biggler, who called the president of Sportsmen for Fish and
Wildlife, Byron Bateman. Byron then had to petition the Wildlife Board to
Kiarra to hunt early. They voted for it and it passed unanimously.

Rusty Hall is the publisher of Trophy Hunter Magazine and co-owner of
Western Lands Outfitters. He took the bull by the horns and invited the
Trussell family to one of the best mule deer CWMU’s in Utah, Ensign
Rusty, along with SFW, then gave Kiarra a management buck tag. A tag with
value of over five thousand bucks.

Because of Trussell’s disability firing a gun with accuracy can be time
consuming and tedious. Trussell put in many hours practicing shots form
500 yards so she could shoot at a bedded buck from a far distance.

After a long day of hunting and a missed opportunity the guides at Western
Lands Outfitter found the perfect buck in the perfect scenario. The buck
was bedded down 500 yards out. Trussell was able to take her time line up
the shot and bring down a nice buck.

Everybody left the hunt satisfied with the results. The Trussells had a great
hunt and were assisted by some great people in the process.

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