KSL Outdoors: Eastern Utah shed hunt

<(Adam Intro) "Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I'm Adam Eakle and welcome to our Eastern Utah hunting camp. We are here with the Spencer family as they look to pass on a hunting tradition they've been doing for nearly two decades.">

<(wes on radio) everybody got your radio check for safety. (radio) "good.">

<(Adam) "bino, check.">

<(on dogs) "you ready to go get some Lynn?">

<(adam) Pack frames, knives, just in case....i think we are ready to go.">

The Spencer family is combing the hills looking for what they call “Brown Gold.” Often referred to as antler hunting or shed hunting. It’s a passion that is gaining popularity of looking for antlers that deer, elk, and moose drop each year.

<(Jared Spencer, Shed Hunter) (Adam) "What is it about shed hunting that draws people out to do this?" (jared) "I think it's just getting out, enjoying the outdoors. Now people is finding out that you can sell them, make money, it's getting to be a big deal to certain people." (adam) "But for you it's not?" (jared) "No i just love getting out with the family, the kids and going hiking. If i don't find anything it's just fun, good exercise.">

<(Clint Sampson, D.W.R. Conservation Officer) "We love to see families get out there and friends, get out there and enjoy our wildlife, but with that there are a few things that we do require. We require you to to get on-line and fill out a shed antler gathering certificate. You do an ethic course on our website. It goes through some basic principles of how to respect the outdoors, how to no cause extra stress on the animals, respect other peoples property and our own public property as well.">

<(Clint) "This is what people are after, this is a typical, nice heavy four point.">

<(Clint) "That is what you are looking for, something that is naturally dropped, not attached to a skull plate.">

<(Clint) "One of the biggest things we have out there is impact on habitat when people drive off road.">

<(Clint) "The more popular atv's get the more popular it gets to cover more ground and the impacts, you can see atv tracks from 5 years ago out on the book cliffs">

<(Clint) "Sage brush, grasses, forbes, bitter brush that deer rely on gets damaged.">

<(Wes Spencer, www.wildantlercreations.com) "Four wheelers off road, that's not right. I just came back from a recent trip to the Henries, I walked two miles and heard four wheelers. I yelled at them and they took off.">

<(Clint) "Statewide officers have been writing tickets and trying to keep people on the roads.">

Many argue the stress shed hunting puts on the very animals that drop the sheds is to much and that shed hunting should be banned during certain times of the year. Wyoming has outlawed shed hunting until May 1st of each year. The Spencer’s say they would hate to see a law restricting shed hunting in Utah because of a few bad apples.

<(Jared Spencer) "they need to be punished, get caught...Get out there and do it the right way.">

<(Wes) "Do a lot of glassing if you go out shed hunting. You'll find a lot more sheds, using optics is a good way to find them. But go slow, don't be in no big rush.">

<(Jordan Spencer) "well here we go, found two today. (adam) Old one, but it's an antler. (jordan) yeah..Don't leave them behind.">

For the Spencer’s this annual shed hunting trip is as important as the deer hunt in October. Another opportunity to be with their family outdoors.

<(Wes) "dutch oven time.">

<(Melanie Yates, Shed huntin' mom) "It's important to spend time with your family out of the house, not just inside watching tv or whatever. And teaching your kids to enjoy the outdoors, and spend time with your family doing family activities such as camping, hunting and hiking. Teaches them good values.">

<(Jared Spencer) "Something like this makes it worthwhile, when you can find one nice brown shed, it makes it all worthwhile to me. (adam) Kids enjoy it? (jared) Kids love it, yeah.">

<(Jayden Yates, American Fork) (Adam) why do you like this Jayden? (jayden) "it's fun getting out and if you find a shed it's way exciting, that's why i like it.">

<(Sterling Spencer) "When i was younger i used to hunt deer on horseback and if i had picked up all the deer sheds i rode by i could have filled up a stadium.">

<(Sterling Spencer) "back then we never thought a minute about it.">

<(Sterling Spencer) "It's funny over the years how things change and what they start looking for.">

If you are a shed head like the Spencer’s you’ll want to mark on your calendar, the annual Antlerfest scheduled for June 15th and 16th at the Juab County fairgrounds in Nephi. A chance to buy, sell, maybe even match up that single you picked up earlier in the year….Coming up on KSL Outdoors.

Trapping and transplanting a native species back into their native habitat, that story just ahead, but first tonight quiz question.

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