KSL Outdoors: Fishing Lake Powell with the DWR

<(Adam) "Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I'm Adam Eakle. Welcome to beautiful, warm, sunny Lake Powell. We came down with a bunch of biologists all from across the state for the Utah chapter of the American Fisheries Society">

<(Wayne Gustaveson, D.W.R. Lake Powell Fisheries biologist) "This is the first meeting we've had at LP. It was good to have it in my own back yard, it was a lot of fun.">

Held annually at a Utah venue, the Utah Chapter of the American Fisheries Society meeting is a chance for biologists, professors and administrators to get together and discuss research projects that have been completed, brain storm future projects and raise money for the local Chapter.

<(Drew Cushing, D.W.R. Warm Water Sport Fisheries Coordinator) "This year we decided to try something new and we invited anglers and others to come down. We had a great meeting, record number of people 150-160 at the meeting and then as a benefit to help raise money for the American Fisheries Society, we had a tournament.">

<(Paul Reutlinger, Utah Bass Federation) "First off i want to thank everyone for coming and fisheries for doing this, it's a lot of fun.">

The one day bass tournament paired an avid bass angler with biologist or in my case, a media representative.

<(Scott Hausman, Sandy) "It's great to get all the biologists and everyone that has dedicated their careers to the sport of fishing out on the water, let them see how much fun those of us that get to enjoy the resource, have with their hard work.">

<(Brent McNee, South Jordan) "Want to see what the DWR and other entities are doing and figure out the direction they are headed so we can see where our tax dollars are spent for fishing.">

<(Scott Hausman) "I love having bureaucrats in my boat. I'm going to have a great time with him.">

<(Paul Reutlinger) "boat number one, Daybell, Peirson, go ahead.">

<(Wayne Gustaveson) "We've got great aspirations of what it's going to be like for this year. Already we've had some of the largest large mouth bass caught, fish up to 7 pounds, which is really decent for Lake Powell. Small mouth up to 5 pounds, stripers up to 28 pounds this year. Walleye we've had close to a 9 pounder caught this year.">

<(Steve Smith, Salina Bass Angler) Oh nice fish, ok, that's a keeper.">

<(Steve) "that's about an average fish in Lake Powell. Real healthy." >

<(Wayne Gustaveson) "Now when these things are working so well for the fish and we have lots of forage, it makes the angler be a little more specific and accurate with what they do. So it's not going to be real easy fishing for the anglers, but it's going to be real quality fishing. So when they catch one, it's going to be worthwhile.">

<(Wayne Gustaveson) "It's going to be the year of the big fish and anglers are going to be happy with the quality, not the quantity.">

Wayne has built a reputation as the go to guy anytime anyone talks about fishing here. His Lake Powell-friendly website, WaynesWords.com, and the accompanying weekly fishing forecast is a must read for anyone headed to the big pond.

<(Wayne) "The exciting thing in the spring, particularly when we are having a little bit of warming, maybe a little earlier than we've had in other years, is that LMB and SMB will move on the nests a little bit earlier, probably mid-April, the third week of April and once we have that spawning urge, there is a 1 week window, which will probably be about right now. in that, high runoff is not coming in to bring the lake up fast. these bass go really shallow and build nests. So we've got fish that are looking for 3 feet of water.">

<(Wayne) "So you'll be able to see the fish on his nests right there and you'll be able to say, hmm, do i want to catch this one or that one. Then you throw at the nest, you take your pick, catch all you want. >

Another thing you’ll be able to catch all you want at Lake Powell this year is walleye.

<(Wayne) Walleye are now unlimited, you can catch all you want. The reason we did that is that walleye are real efficient predators, we have plenty of predators in Lake Powell, but walleye are also kind of self-regulating.">

<(Adam) hey that's two, we are on the board Johnny, look at that fat little female huh?>

<(Todd Volkening, DWR Wildlife Technician) "The proceeds for this will go to help with student scholarships, grants and projects.">

<(Paul) "13.76, (Adam) not great (paul) "not bad, we'll see, it might be a winning weight, you never know.">

We were feeling pretty good about our chances of placing in the tournament at the weigh in, that is until saw the bag of Scott Hausman and biologist Brent Roper.

<(Adam) "that's a good day." (scott) "that's what happens when you go fishing with a biologist.">

Scott and Brent ended up taking 1st, with Brent McNee and Brett Prettyman beating us out by a tenth of an ounce for second. In the end….

<(Adam) "hey we are going to donate this back. (paul) thank you very kindly, thank you very much.">

Everyone donated some of their winnings back to the Utah chapter for future projects in Utah.

<(Drew Cushing) "It was so successful, everyone had a great time. The anglers would go to the meeting where professionals would take about the biology about what we do, it was exciting. They learned that the decisions we make are based on science and I think that helps foster relationships down the road.">

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