KSL Outdoors: Hunt to Help Farmers

Tonight on KSL Outdoors.

Take them guys, take them.

A hunt to help farmers…. Plus.

Shoot him! Shoot him!

(shot) there you go…yeah!

it’s all about the kids at this years youth waterfowl hunt.

Mr. Payton, your first duck buddy, good job.

I’m Adam Eakle and KSL Outdoors, starts right now.

(jeff Bringhurst, Utah Waterfowl hunter/nut) All the geese are out to the East so we are going to do a J hook, because the wind is not quite the way we want it. We are going to try to get them to dictate, come around, right in the pocket.

I don’t know if we are going to shoot, but we are going to hunt.

Idaho is holding an early season goose hunt in parts of three counties in southern end of the state. The reason is to help reduce crop damage done by Canada geese.

(Doug Hogan, Caribou County Resident) There’s just a lot of birds, everywhere.

(Doug Hogan, Caribou County Resident) They’ll walk into the grain, 40-50 yards and nip every head off of every stalk of grain. They just completely wipe them out, just like a hail storm would. So it’s become a problem for the farmers to have this many birds in the area, so they decided that this depredation hunt, might be the thing to help that.

Doug helped us secure the permission to hunt this field. Jeff, Matt, Nate, Ellis and I brought the gear. It’s been a good friendship we established last year.

Jeff) I think we are doing good. You guys have got it set up just as it should be. You know we’ve got a good hole. All we need is the birds now. We’ve seen the ducks, they ducks are already up. We’ve got two minutes so we’ve got to start getting situated. Look there is three ducks coming right over us. Those are shooters…next month, they’re shooters.

(jeff) one single, coming right at us.

SHOOT HIM! (SHOT) Good shot. (matt) got to redeem myself.

For 7 years we’ve been coming to Idaho to hunt geese and have had some great mentors to help us learn how. Our friends Jody Osterhout and Dustin Brown, they’ve taught us a lot. But today is our first time trying it alone. So far, so good.

Take him boys. Take him! (shots and misses)

I can’t believe we missed. Yes we did. Hmm..

We’ve got geese overhead, even landing in the field. They are everywhere.

two on the right! Five on the left.

(jeff) ok guys, get ready. (nats calling) they are all over.

(nats of video of geese) (jeff) are we in Canada? They are everywhere dad, just everywhere.

(jeff) that was awesome. (laughs)

(jeff) We’ve just got to get them a little lower.

Coming right over us guys, back left.

(jeff) take them guys! Take them!

(Jeff) On the left, on the left. We are going to take them.

(adam) How many fell? Two. Three?

Well that was fun. (jeff) way to go guys. Nice shooting.

(Ellis Bringhurst, Utah Waterfowl Hunter) (adam) Did Jeff get his love of waterfowl from you? Because he’s a nut. Not that much. He’s way into it. He’s invested in it. He’s loved to hunt since he could barely walk.

(jeff) let’s see if we can get them to work.

(nate) get down, shut up. (nats getting into blinds) so we did.

Kill it! (shot) nice shot! Sorry guys, but I couldn’t pass that one up.

(Jeff Bringhurst) You know Doug used to say you’ve got a little mud in your blood and I think you kind of get that whether you are goose hunting or duck hunting. Certain people have it and certain people don’t. Some people want to go walk to the top of the mountain, some people want to go shoot a bird in a field. Some people want to ski down a hill. It’s just a passion that we have that is really hard to describe.

(ellis) I think it’s more the camaraderie than it is the hunting. It’s just getting out in the open and enjoying yourself, your friends and your family.

(Jeff) go dad go! (shots) (laughs)

(Matt Anderson, Camp Chef) oh fantastic way to start the season. I could end my season right now and be happy. Not really. 28 geese. (nods)

(Doug) first four or five shots, no birds came down. I didn’t know if you guys didn’t like geese or you were shooting blanks. (laughs) but it’s been great, lots of birds.

One more out front. Another one on the right.

[(Doug) great morning. Yup it really was.

Hey if you do decide to come up to Idaho and hunt waterfowl this year. Don’t forget that the season opener varies from county to county. One more thing if you are going to come up and get landowner permission, make sure to have that permission in writing.

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