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Welcome to KSL Outdoors and welcome back to beautiful Alaska. Last week we introduced you to our Alaskan fishing trip winner Megan England. Megan won this six day, fully guided Alaskan fishing trip with our friends at Pybus Point Lodge, here on Admiralty Island. She even brought her husband to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

(Megan) Everybody should come out. This is awesome.

(Brandon England) Oh it’s been a blast.

(girls) Woo. Crazy fish.

Fishing is great.

Lodge is great.

Can’t beat it.

(megan) We got some cool stuff. Saw a lot of cool whales, big, big whales.

When you come to Pybus, it’s fully guided. They provide the boat, the gear, and a captain who knows the waters and the fishery.

(Scott Jorgensen, Pybus Point Lodge) However, one of the things I was adamant about creating in this experience is the chance for people to come and experience Alaska on their own. So we offer for people the use of our 18 foot skiffs.

(Scott) And enjoy Alaska one on one, the way I think it was meant to be.

You have a lot options with the skiffs. You can go out and cruise the shoreline in search of bears, deer and other wildlife or.

You can catch a quick halibut after dinner.

another option is to cruise to the end of Cannery cove and chase pink salmon until your arm hurts.

(Steve Mcgrath, Camp Chef) We’ve doubled up on the pinks, giggling like a school girl. Man this thing is just tugging. Look at that! That’s a nice humpy over there.

Today however. Jeff, Jared, Steve and I are headed to river that rarely sees two legged fisherman, called Little Pybus.

(adam) We are our own captains for today. We are breaking out on our own. We’ve done three days of their deal. It’s our turn. What are we going to do Jeff. We are going to hit the river. Hopefully see a deer. Maybe see a bear and catch some fish. We’ve got bullets, we’ve got fly rods, we’ve got halibut rods. If it breathes it’s in trouble. Or we are in trouble. If we see a bear. Alright let’s get out of here.

The four mile ride to Little Pybus is really safe, the small islands offer great protection from the wind and waves. We even spotted some sea lions on our way.

Well guys we’ve anchored up and the tide is coming up, so we should be good with the boat and we are going to Little Pybus to see if we can find a deer, a bear, well we are not going to shoot a bear. Just get video of him. And some salmon, some fish. Alright let’s go do it.

(Steve) there’s fishing in a barrel, then there’s fishing a salmon run right here at a waterfall. This is awesome!

Wow they are powerful little guys. The urge to spawn, pretty cool stuff.

(Steve) male pink salmon. You can start to see that hump on it’s back here. Once they come into fresh water here they start turning, but boy they make for a great fight. There you have it.

The high tide has pushed thousands of pink salmon into the river. It’s one of the best fly fishing experiences I’ve ever had. The river where it should be clear, is black with fish. There’s even a few bigger chum in the mix.

(Jeff lifting chum out) Oh there we go. Oh chum on a fly.

(jeff) so I’ve caught a pin, a chum, a silver and a black bass on a fly. That’s a pretty good trip.

(Steve) this might win me snapshot of the week.

(jeff) I’ve never caught a chum on a fly until now.

We knew we weren’t the first fisherman today to fish the little Pybus river as there is bear sign all over.

(jeff with fish) look like a claw mark probably there.

And sure enough about 400 yards away is a giant coastal brown bear.

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