KSL Outdoors: ISE Alaska trip winners

Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle and welcome to our favorite place in the world, Alaska. We are here on a fishing trip. I brought my wife Tonya and we have the Englands, Megan and Brandon from Tooele. Now they actually won this trip.

Are you Megan? I am. Do you want to go to Alaska? Yes definitely.

You lucky dogs. I know pretty lucky. It pays to go to the ISE doesn’t it. I will never miss one again. (laugh)

We first met Megan and her husband Brandon, the day after the International Sportsman’s Expo. The couple had gone to the ISE show on a whim. Entered our Alaskan fishing getaway and it was Scott Jorgensen, the owner of Pybus Point Lodge who drew Megan’s name out of the thousands that entered.

(Brandon England, Wife won Alaskan fishing trip) It’s one of those things, you put your name into a contest and you never hear the winners. So you don’t believe it’s true and it happened.

(Megan England, Won Alaska Fishing getaway) We were thinking we won a cooler. (laughs) we were excited about it.

My name is Scott Jorgesen, I’m the owner of Pybus Point Lodge.

Scott is a Utahan, who seven years ago decided to move his family to Southeastern Alaska for the summer. In the fifteen years I’ve been coming to Alaska, Pybus Point Lodge has always been one of my favorite. The fishing, the scenery, the wildlife and the people are amazing.

(Casey Shaw, Pybus Point Guide) We are headed to Mist Cove, it’s about 60 miles away. It will take about an hour and forty five to an hour and fifty minutes to get there.

(Scott Jorgensen, Pybus Point Lodge) So all five different species of salmon run here in this area of SE Alaska. We do start with Kings in the early part of late spring, early summer. About May 20th is the beginning of the king run and that will run up almost to the end of June. We get a little bit of crossover between pink, chum and sockeye at that point in time and then silvers pretty much dominate from about July 15th on thru August and September.

Our target today is coho, chinook, and humpback salmon. More commonly called silvers, kings and pinks. It’s just like fishing for kokanee back home. We’re using down riggers and attach dodgers and big hoochies to our line and drop them.

to a depth of about 30 feet.

First fish of the day. (megan) we’ll see, maybe it’s just a really aggressive sea weed? (laughs)

[ Did he get off? No he’s there. Nice coho. (nets fish) nice job. Alright, nice fish. Good one.

Next it was Brandon’s turn.

woo! (fish going nuts) (net fish) (casey) put me back in gear tonya, one engine.

First silvers? Yeah. What do you think? Is that what these are? Yeah that’s what these are. Some of the best eating fish right there and we are taking them home courtesy of Pybus Point Lodge and the ISE. Alright let’s get some more. You ready? Yeah let’s do it.

It’s just go, go, go, fish, fish, fish.

This better be something big because this is not easy.

Feel like a coho? Yeah or a shark maybe. Better be a coho.

This is a cooperative one, well. (nets fish) nice. There you go. Nice coho.

(Scott) I tell people you can go to Alaska and do a lot of different things. What you’ve got to decide is how far off the beaten path you are willing to go.

(Scott) We are in a very remote location relative to the area of SE Alaska. 70 miles from Juneau, 60 miles from Petersburg are the two biggest towns around us.

(Scott) And the fact that we can be land based that far away from other population centers. Provides the opportunity of getting away from everything. Which is what we sell. Lots of places catch fish in Alaska. Not very many places where you can get away from everybody and catch fish in Alaska.

it’s jumping. Reel! What are you doing? (laughs)

Also on our trip is Steve and Chalene Mcgrath, our friends from Camp Chef and my hunting buddy, Jeff Bringhurst. This is Chalene’s first fishing trip. In fact, I think this salmon might be her first ever fish!

yeah! He’s not happy. Go girl (adam) oh I missed him. (net fish) oh yeah. Nice first silver. Woo, woo. (charlene) nice.

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