KSL Outdoors: Tate Davis’ Hunt

(Greg Davis, Tate’s Dad) I don’t think he has any limits, because we don’t give him any.

It was last year when we first introduced you to 13 year old Tate Davis.

(Greg Davis, Tate’s Dad) When he was 22 months old, other kids were playing soccer in the yard and he had his little rake on the side of the road, raking in the gravel and he got struck by a car.

(Greg Davis) The doctors I can remember them coming out and telling me that he probably wouldn’t walk again and I said I don’t care, just don’t take him. I didn’t want him to be taken from us.

Tate is an aspiring outdoorsman. He loves to hunt. So, last year, Kevin Pritchett purchased Tate a deer tag on a CWMU and we took him hunting.

(Greg) it’s a buck. (kevin) what is he? (greg) yeah that’s him. Let me see what he is. (adam) he’s a good buck. Great eye guards. (tate) shoot him? (greg) yeah, yeah, yeah. (greg) you’ve got to turn more, you’ve got to turn more. Keep going that way. Ok, right there. (kevin) Ok, there he is shoot him Tate. (kevin) You need the window up? (shot) (greg) Oh, nice shot! (laughing) (adam) I can’t believe that! (greg) You put it right on his neck? (laughing)

(Kevin Pritchett, KING’S Camo) Great kid and that’s what puts tears in my eyes, we each have children of our own. Blessed no problems or adversities there and great full and so those that are less fortunate we like to be able to help out and share those things with.

After last years hunt, Kevin and his friends Kevin Donahue, Shane Brinkerhoff, AJ Construction and many more decided Tate needed more mobility to enjoy the outdoors. [Notes:use a pic of Tate with Tred in chairs]

So they contacted Tred Barta who’s a dealer for an off road tracked wheelchair called, an Action Track Chair. Two weeks later, at a SFW banquet, Tate was given his surprise.

(Todd Abelhouzen, Dixie Wildlife SFW Chapter) We brought him up to the stage and presented him with his deer from last year.

(Todd Abelhouzen) and just then Kevin Donahue pulled it around the stage, none of them knew, Tate didn’t his mom and dad didn’t and his moms eyes started bawling and we were all crying, it was fantastic.

(Friend off camera) he’s test driving it, look at that thing.

(Greg Davis) that Action Tracker, i’m telling you, that is independence for a disabled person. It’s unbelievable.

(John Bair, Auctioneer) I’ve got three hundred and ten thousand dollars.

Then at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo last year, Tate and his family were eating dinner, next to a guy who had just bid over three hundred thousand dollars for a tag to hunt deer on Antelope Island.

(John Bair, Auctioneer) Ladies and gentlemen we just set a new record for mule deer in Utah, 310 right there and I thank ya. (applause)

Greg) I noticed a guy to the next table and a lot of people had been shaking his hand and I wondered who he was.

(Greg Davis) He sat back in his chair, turned and was just looking at Tate, kind of eyeing him up, looking at the chair.

(Greg Davis) he said, hey do you like to hunt to Tate and tate says yeah and he says if you can hunt anything in the world, what would you hunt. Tate says Desert big horn sheep and he kind of chuckled and he say well that’s not going to happen.

(Tate Davis) So he was like. How about an elk or a deer? I was like yeah sweet.

(Greg Davis) and I started to kind of chuckling and he looked at me across the table and he says, “do you think I’m Bsing you?” I said, I don’t know, I don’t even know who you are.

(Greg Davis) and he said, yeah, that’s what is going to happen I’m going to buy him a tag and this guy next to me and he was pocking the guy next to him and this guy is going to take him.

(Greg Davis) Well it turned out the guy were were talking about was Denny Austed, shot the spider bull and that’s how I knew who he was.

(Greg Davis) and the guy next to him was Doyle Moss, who I had never met before.

(Doyle Moss, Mossback Guides and Outfitters) so we continued to go to the auctions and we were looking for an elk tag or a deer tag and this management deer tag showed up for the Paunsagant. Which is one of the most famous deer units in the world and Denny purchased this tag, so we brought some Mossback guides down here and the whole crew, channel five and SFW.

(Doyle) how you doing man? (tate) good how are you? (doyle) You ready? (tate) yeah. (laughs) (doyle) there’s a little snow, it’s going to feel like a real October deer hunt. (tate) Yeah.

(Doyle Moss) and to see a young man come and fulfill his dream is pretty special.

(Adam) boy what better place to bring a young man to see a lot of deer, the famed Paunsaguant unit of southern Utah. The rest of his hunt coming up in just a moment, but first tonights Burt Brothers quiz question.

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