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Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I’m Adam Eakle and I’m Tonya Kieffer. You know Tonya I think everybody knows somebody that’s dealt with cancer, maybe died from cancer or maybe there is some viewers out there right now who are dealing with cancer. Right and so today we are at an event Adam just for men, it’s called Reel Recovery.

(Bob Gardnerville, Reel Recovery Volunteer) Welcome, thank you all for being here.

Reel Recovery is a national, non profit organization that provides three day, free fly fishing retreats for men, with cancer.

(Ed Goble, Past Participant, Fishing Buddy) The number one thing is time and how valuable it is. Because no body knows how much time we have and so being with friends, family and being with other guys with cancer and helping them to realize that you just live in the moment. Because this is the only thing that is real is this moment right now.

(Paul Smart, Cottonwood Heights) It does not get any better than this. We are just having too much fun today.

(Paul) worst day of fishing is better than the best day at the office. (fishing buddy) oh set! (paul) got another one! there you go. Rod tip up, keep your rod tip high.

(Phillip Cox) fun to pay back fun to see these guys forget about being sick for a few hours. That’s the best reward there is. I’ve made some great friends.

(Paul) yeah we don’t even have to unhook him. Catch him and he unhooks himself.

Ed Goble) Cancer is just a word. You know it’s all about your attitude and fishing is just one way of not thinking about it and just being a part of something else, something bigger. Because cancer is kind of like being a fish. you are just swimming along in your environment and you get yanked out of your environment, you are just tryint to survive. Luckily someone throws you back. Anytime I can help someone in their journey, that’s my goal.

Most men are reluctant to open up about their personal challenges, like cancer. Reel Recovery offers them a chance to talk to other men who understand what they are going through. It also gives them a break from the cold, sterile hospital rooms, where they often find themselves getting chemo and radiation treatments. Here all they do is enjoy themselves.

(Scott sets hook) There it is!

(Scott Wheelwright, Ogden Cancer patient) The whole program is awesome. Meeting these guys. I mean they are heros. they are just so corageous it’s just amazing. What they’ve all been through, it’s totally unreal.

(John Macqueen, Participant) I think sometimes what I’ve gone through is pretty nasty then you hear their story and it’s like wow. Mine is a cake walk compared to some of you guys you know.

(Fish jumps) There we go. You got that! This morning has not sucked at all.

(Adam) What have your learned from cancer? I’ve kind of learned that I want to spend time with my family. That’s what I do now.

(Scott) Oh that’s beautiful, look at that! That’s awesome. Thank you. (scott) What a beautiful fish.

(Bob) these vests represent some 2300 men which real recovery has had the honor to serve over 11 years. Taking care of gentlemen, just like you.

Reel Recovery holds a ceremony as part of their fishing program, something that has been done since the very first retreat in 2003. Each man is given a vest to sign and use. On each vest are the names of past particpants, some who are still with us, some who have passed on.

As pros we never really zip them up, yeah no. we just leave them alone. that’s perfect. sign away.

By adding their name to these vests, they not only become part of this powerful legacy. They fish, knowing they are not alone.

(fish on) nice keep that rod tip up, good job. Well done, well done. That’s it.

(Stu Houk, Sandy Volunteer) I am very passionate about fishing and this is just one way that I can share…you know (nodds)

(net fish) come here buddy. There we go.

(Stu) you can see how much it means to these guys.

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