KSL Outdoors: Strawberry Fishing

Welcome to KSL Outdoors, and welcome to Strawberry Reservoir. You know, mid fall, some of the best fishing is right now. But it’s also the end of our Strawberry Bay tagged fishing contest and tonight we are going to give away that 22 foot Crest boat, but first we’ve got George and Dan from Fish Tech. We are going to go catch some cutts, hopefully some rainbows, show you how to do it.

The water at the Berry has turned, the air temperature is cold, especially in the mornings. But the fishing can be fast, if you can find them.

(Dan Smith, Fish Tech Outfitters) Yeah they are in bunches all over the lake, so what we’ve got to do is go out and find a bunch of fish and then we can catch them. Tube jigs have been working, jerk baits have been working. PowerBait if you just want to still fish.

I’ve got a new jerk bait I’m going to try that Berkley came out with. We are going to have fun today.

(George Sommer) Let’s go to Salmander Bay. Yeah, let’s go fish that big shelf that comes off there. Lets go fish that.

George and Dan love to fish for bass, today they’re going to show us some of their bass techniques that work for trout.

boy look how nice the weather is. calm. Oh, for November.

What are you starting out with George? (GEORGE) little tube jig. Those I always start with here because they are hard to beat.

Yeah we got it on the jerk bait. little cutt though. (george) That’s a nice fish. (fish gets off) oh there he goes.

didn’t get our hands slimy on that one.

Dan’s trying a new Berkley jerk bait called a cutter.

(Dan) Purple on the back, chartruese on the sides and clear on the bottom. Kind of like a ghost minnow with a purple back.

Jerk it about three times, pause, jerk it about three times, pause. Kind of get a cadence going and then once you figure out what that candence is they want, you just keep doing it. Alright, let’s stick another one and keep it this time.

(George) got a nice cutthroat.

I stopped it for a second and that fish got it. He’s in the slot, but where else can you go and catch fish this size.

oh out of there. (net fish) he might be actually 22. (adam) right on the edge of the slot. yup.

Look at the teeth. Yeah he’s a big fish. There we go, now he mellowed out a little bit. Here you go bud. Away he goes.

Put a little of this crawdad stuff on here.

You know I think that is the ticket to hooking the fish. They are hitting the lure. That little bit of scent makes them hold on long enough that you can get a hook into them and they are coming back at it, multiple bites, giving you plenty of opportunities and I think that addition of scent is what is helping right now.

Alright I think we’ve got us a little rainbow this time. (adam) what did you catch him on? (d) white tube jig.

Usually this time of year, you’ll find the cutthroat cruising the shoreline looking for a meal. Today, we are finding the fish are a bit deeper and they seem to be wanting a slow presentation.

There he is! yeah, that’s a good fish. That’s a cutthroat. Holy Moly that’s a good fish. Yeah baby.

I think it’s a rainbow. Yeah big old rainbow. Look at that. Yup, he looked a lot bigger than that when I set the hook.

George is killing it with a green tube jig. Casting it out and fishing it slow back to the boat.

(adam) He’s got marks on him to. yup. (fish jumps into water) (laughs)

It’s a watermelon red and black flake. It’s been a great tube all year here at Strawberry and we are tipping it with a little bit of crayfish scent which seems to make them hold on a little longer. and it’s working.

Holy crap! smacked it? I watched it come up and hit it. That was freaking awesome.

Oh he’s wrapped himself up. want the net? the net is right behind you George.

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