KSL Outdoors: Tri-State ATV Jamboree

<(Adam Intro) "Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I'm Adam Eakle. We've got a really fun show for you tonight. Later on in the show we are going to take you to the International Stage Stop dog sled race just outside of Evanston. But first, we are down in southern Utah, the weather is just beautiful, a great time for a ride. So we came down for the Tri-State ATV Jamboree and of course we picked the hardest ride at the jamboree.">

<(Jason Curtis, Trail Guide) "this is Hog Canyon out by Kanab. It's a good trail, has some technical spots, really pretty, some petroglyph we'll see, get some good photos during some of the technical spots. (adam) pretty gnarly? (jason) Yeah it will make some people nervous.">

<(Lane Birch, St. George Rider) He has two rules. (adam) "what's his two rules? (Lane) "one, don't kill me, two he has to speak at the service if he does.>

<(Adam) 76 years old, you ready for this? (Charlie Googe, St George) I am ready, sitting on go, right. I can't believe i'm doing this today.">

<(Jason) "let's move on out.">

Established in 2005 by the Canyon Country 4 X 4 Club and the BLM, the 50 mile long Hog Canyon trail begins three miles north of Kanab, just off of Highway 89. The ride is on the southern end of the famed Pansagaunt deer unit. Winding roads, sandstone cliffs finally give way to steep inclines, the ride is about to get a little western.

<(Jason) "The first part of it here is not to bad, you get up there and it gets a little worse.">

<(nats going over rock) "good job, no problem.">

Some make the obstacles with ease….others, not so much.

<(jason) "hold up!"....laughs>

Accompanying us on the ride is three trail guides.

<(Jason) "right tire right on this corner...woo, woo.">

They lead the way, help with any mechanical malfunctions and get everyone safely across the rough terrain.

<(Fred Bennett, Henderson NV) It puts those two wheel drive machines to the test? (fred) and the bodies on top of them.">

Our next leg, leads us to this small sandstone overhang for lunch and a surprise.

<(jason) We'll walk up this trail here and up in this little cave there's a bunch of Petroglyphs.">

<(Adam) "what is your understanding what those grooves are? (guide) well i've been told that it was from kids taking rocks and riding them down the hill for entertainment.>

<"probably 14000 years ago, i'm guessing.">

This Hog Canyon ride is just one of over twenty rides scheduled for this years Tri-State ATV Jamboree. This years jamboree is the largest on record, with a whooping 420 riders, from all over the country.

<(Dale Grange, President Tri-State ATV Club) "Most of the trails are kind of intermediate, which means they have a little bit of hard stuff and some easy stuff, variety. We have some that are specifically designed so that it tests the people that really want to get out.">

<(Jack Klaus, Flagstaff, AZ) This is the best ride so far. I love all the rocks, trees, junipers, all of it is nice. (adam) technical (Jack) Yeah, it beats the flat lands.>

<(Tom Hirschi, Hurricane Mayor/Chairman of the Jamboree) "People are finding out that southern Utah is a great place and we have a lot of activities and working with the BLM and Forest Service we've managed to keep some trails open and we have to juggle a little bit, hopefully we can get some new trails. Our main purpose is to protect the environment our beautiful country.">

<(Tom Hirschi, Hurricane Mayor/Chairman of the Jamboree) it's been a great economic boost here. If you drive around, every hotel room is full.>

<(Tom Hirschi, Hurricane Mayor/Chairman of the Jamboree) and our restaurants, local gas stations, quick markets are thriving, they love this type of thing and that's what we set it up for.>

This four day jamboree is just one of nine jamborees this year. If you are looking for a new place to ride or people to go with, these jamborees can be a lot of fun. Atvutah.com will get you on the path of upcoming jamborees.

<(Rider) this is spectacular, this is one of the best i've done yet and I've done a lot of riding down here. () How are you doing? (adam) I love it, a little butt pucker on some of it. Are you sucking up some seat? () are you kidding me.>

<(TAG) Riding behind someone and eating the dirt, getting a little grit in the grill isn't my idea of fun sometimes, but that trail was a riot, people on the ride seemed to have a fun time as well. Can't wait to see what's around the corner.">

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