Long Island Local Legend

“Wow what a morning we just had. We just finished off with
our limit of Brant, all of us shot a canada goose and Jeff
finished it off with this beautiful merganser, going on
the wall? (jeff) I think so. (adam) but part of the reason
we came out was to hunt with local legend Tommy

<(Tommy Cornicelli, 4-time World Carving Champion) "I Like taking a piece of wood and making it come to life.">

A native of Long Island, Tommy Cornicelli has received
widespread acclaim for his talents. As an artist, he’s a
four time World Carving Champion and has been honored by
the Smithsonian. For thirty years he’s been a master
waterfowl guide and he’s also a full time fishing captain.
The guy lives, breathes and works to be outdoors.

<(Tommy Cornicelli) "Started in the salt marsh. I always wanted a better decoy and it didn't take me very long to realize that what i was gunning over I just wasn't happy with. So i started carving to hunt. >

One of Tommy’s decoy designs is this Over-Size Canvasback
Drake the same one that Jeff and Tony use in their spreads
back home. He obliged them by signing their decoys,
something they’ll cherish when they hunt back on the
Marshes of the Great Salt Lake.

<(Tommy) "I like to do a lot with very little. In my gunning birds. I do a high end bird, raised primary, decorative slick, but the plain gunning birds that i compete with, there is a lot going on there than meets the eye.">

<(Tommy) "Study birds, a lot of reference, lot of pictures, know whatever you are going to carve, know that species in and out. You only are going to do that by spending a lot of time in the field.">

<(Adam) "who would have thought Tony coming to L.I. to hunt geese?" (Tony smith) "not me but I'm excited to be here.">

The next morning, long before sunup, tommy has us setting
deks to hunt geese in a cornfield.

<(use go pro sun up shot)>

<(Tommy) "look at this, oh my lord">

<(Glen) "some geese, they turned, right out in front too.">

A quick move to another blind on the other side of the
field and we get the birds to take a look.

<(Adam) "tony we had another hunter in the blind with us today. (tony) yeah we sure did, we had my older brother who passed away a few years ago.>

<(Glen) Here they come right on the backside. (tommy) "when i tell you we are going to get them up top.

<(Nats calling) "get them!">

<(SHOOTING) (tommy) Hit that one there, get him, good shooting. Good job boys.>
<(Tony) before he passed away one of his dying wishes was for me to put his ashes in some shotgun shells and he wanted me to shoot a bunch of different species around the world with him. Loaded up with some goose loads. "happen to have some geese come in today and the first one I shot. It was sporting a band.">

<"long Island Band! No way! Yeah!>

<(Glen) They are coming baby.>
<(Tommy) i've had the pleasure with hunting with some of the best in the business, Sean Mann, Josh Newella, Dave Coleman.>

“get him, get him.” (shots)>

<(Tommy) "but it's something I love. I live for, it's been my whole life pretty much.">
<(Tony) "something I'll remember for the rest of my life.">

I think all of us will remember this hunt for a long time.
We never were able to get out for a sea duck hunt, the
wind and waves were much too dangerous, but the chance to
hunt with quality people like Glen and Tommy will have us
coming back to fulfill our quest. Now for a closer look at
the Atlantic Brant, let’s dive into our Utah Field Guide.

<"Good job boys.">

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