Long Island

<(Intro) Thanks for tuning into KSL Outdoors, I'm Adam Eakle. My good buddy and waterfowl hunting friend Jeff Bringhurst we've got a great show tonight. (jeff) "oh I can't wait. (adam) You've been pretty jacked up about this. (jeff) I haven't slept in a few weeks. (adam) we are headed to Long Island and hunt sea ducks. I know a lot of people like the show local, well it is in a sense. We are taking two local friends out to do this adventure and we are going to show you how to do it on a budget.">
<(Adam) "hey Jeff, I thought we said economical? (jeff) hey if someone else is picking up the limo ride, we'll take it right?" >

The thought of hunting New York State, really never
crossed my mind. I had visions of high rises and multi-
million dollar homes after we landed at JFK, that soon
changed as we entered Long Island and looked over hundreds
of miles of shoreline and marsh.

<(Glen Gieck, Knock'em Down Guide Service) "We are in Point Lookout, Long Island. This is second largest wintering ground for brant here. They say Jersey has got the 1st, but I don't think so, these birds are just ridiculous here.">
<(Glen) "and away we go boys.">

<(music sting, music underneath)>

Friends Jeff Bringhurst, Tony Smith and I are headed out
with Tony’s business partner, Glen Gieck. Glen is a
licensed guide and boat captain on his custom made, 25
foot aluminum Duckwater boat. Huge when compared to our
mud boats back home.
<(Glen) it's a salt marsh, it's not a marsh like you guys have there. It's more of a open hunt and tuck back into a marsh area, open channels.">
<(Jeff Bringhurst, Sandy, Utah) "we are here to get birds we can't get at home.">

New York State’s greatest concentration of wintering ducks
is on and around Long Island. The south shore of Long
Island is separated from the ocean by a barrier island.
This geography provides a multitude of shallow bays,
estuaries and salt marshes. Which is where we’ll start our
hunt for the Atlantic Brant. Just look at all the birds!

<(show lots of birds)>

<(Glen) "Stay down guys, cause you guys have got birds everywhere.">

<(Glen) "When these birds want to come they come. You just let them come right into the decoys, you are shooting them at 20 yards.">

<(Glen) Single right here guys, see the single.">

<(Glen) it's a committed bird, it's not a pass shooting bird.>

<(Shot) "nice shot tony.">

<(nats of dog in water) (glen) "look at all these birds men.">

<(Glen) "these birds will come at a hundred at a time and just drop into the decoys.>

<(Glen) "just watch these brant out in front, watch the dog alright guys. (jeff) Yeah, we've got the three coming in.">

<(Glen) "shoot those two right there, shoot those two. (shots) "nice shooting boys nice shooting.">

The tide is a major consideration in waterfowl hunting on
the island. It affects navigation as the tide will drop as
much as 8 feet. It also influences the behavior of birds,
especially the brant. As the tide goes down, the brant
flock to the mud flats to feed.

<(Danny "little buddy" Schnappauf, Knock-em-down.com) the idea is to get you decoys in here, get the boat up against the bank and as the tide drops, keep the boat against the bank, let the background of the muddy bank break the boat up and give them hell.">

<(Danny) "here we go, some of these guys are going to visit.">

<(Shots) (danny) "alright Tony is done today.">

The limits for brant, geese, ducks and sea ducks is pretty
liberal. And to fly out here is really cheap. Our round
trip airfare was less than 300 bucks apiece. For our trip
we stayed with Glen and his family.
<(danny) "nice long island clams, nice and fresh.">

ate the local cuisine and saved some money. But, if four
guys teamed up, shared a hotel room and other expenses. I
think a three day trip would cost about a thousand dollars
a piece.

<(Jeff) what a great opportunity, you come out, airfare is inexpensive, you can stay in a hotel and these guys can take you out. These guys know their stuff, not to mention they've got a 25 ft boat.>

<(Glen) our full day hunts consist of hunting here out of point Lookout and then heading out into Jones inlet and going sea duck hunting. Our variety of birds is from Eider to white wingers to surf scooters and even old squaw.>

<(Glen) "i'm going to be really reasonable with my prices with guys coming from Utah.">
In three days, Glen and his crew were great! We each took
our limit of brant in two days, and we all were able to
down a couple of Canada Geese, some black ducks and even a
red breasted merganser. If sea ducks or brant are on your
bucket list, Knock’em down Guide Service in my opinion
would be worth a shot.
<(shot) "great shot tony.">

<(Tony Smith, Lake Bonneville Layout boats) "i've had a lot of opportunities to hunt a lot of different states and by far this is the best one i've ever hunted in. As far as quality and quantity, just impeccable.">

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