Snapshot of the Week: April 11, 2015

Here is our best of the week, our Snapshot of the Week.

We kick it off with James and his buddy Blaine, who took a trip to the gorge in search of some fishing. They endured tough winter conditions, but still landed a 25 and 30-pound lake trout.

On the last day of last year’s general season deer hunt, Logan and his dad watched the sun come up and the hills come alive. Logan said the deer were everywhere, and he found this nice buck to claim his biggest shot to date. It was an experience he said he will never forget.

James was checking out a fishing website when he noticed an invite to go fish Willard Bay. It was from Ralph Naylor, the fisherman we featured last week. ‘Old Coot’ helped James’ son with his first-ever Willard wiper, and many more. They had a great day on the lake, and made a new friend along the way.

These children have been enjoying some fantastic fishing. Five-year-old Jack caught the biggest fish of the day, this monster bass all by himself, running out of rainbows in three hours.

Our winner tonight took this beautiful shot of Delicate Arch in the waning late. Jason took his niece to do her bridal shots under the arch, and found this beautiful shot of the arch. Tourists in the area were also clicking away, but very few of them also have a shot of a bride-to-be in her wedding dress.

Click the video to see each of our Snapshots of the Week.

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