Snapshot of the Week: April 18, 2015

It’s always been a dream of Jason’s to go to Canada and chase the hard fighting northern pike and musky. His dream came true when his dad took him for his senior trip. They spent five full weeks chasing fish and Jason fulfilled his dream with this 39 and 40 incher.

Tyrel’s sister health has been going downhill. So he headed down to St. George and took his nieces and nephews out for some therapeutic fishing. At the local community pond they caught over thirty fish, the kids even managed to snag a duck. Which of course Tyrel had to unhook. He says it was a great trip and he got to help the kids get their minds off of their moms cancer for awhile.

Bryan worked a 12 hour grave yard shift, gave up a lot of sleep and had an epic day at the Berry. He and his buddy through the ice, landed this two monster cutts. Bryan says it turned out to be the right decision as it was the right day to go.

Fishing at Jordanelle a few weeks ago, John and his friend Steve caught plenty of fish, most in the 18 inch range. John says they were all fat and healthy, including this fat 22 inch brown that he landed.

But our winner tonight caught a fish that swam upstream nearly a thousand miles. Phil Anderson made the trek to Idaho to chase the elusive Stealhead. That’s where he caught this beautiful wild steelhead that traveled from the ocean 900 miles, and made it through 8 dams systems to reach the upper Salmon River near Stanley to spawn. Phil says less than one percent of the stocked fish make it back to the upper Salmon to spawn, an even more staggering statistic is there are fewer WILD steelhead that make it home and Phil caught one. That is one beautiful fish phil and a great shot to boot as your amazing catch has also landed you our big prize for having…the snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures or video, plus a brief explanation of your latest adventures online at The winner each week wins a Camp Chef Pro 60, deluxe two burner stove. Perfect for the outdoors or the back yard, from our friends at Camp Chef.

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