Snapshot of the Week: April 26, 2015

Three-year-old Kinley. Look at this little cowgirl. What are your horses names here? Drifter and Princess. Drifter and Princess, huh? Do you know how to ride these two horses? Yea. I’ll bet you do. We’ve seen you run around all over camp. Pretty cute kid. Hey when you’re out and about make sure to take a cute picture of your kids or your grandkids, especially when they’re riding their horses, submit it to our contest. You never know you might win our big prize from Camp Chef. Here it is as we turn it over to you, Our Snapshot of the Week.

Mike ptaschinski sent us this shot of his fishing buddy Mike Vanleeuwan with is biggest buckmouth ever, this five and a half pound pig from Sand Hollow. The big fish was caught in 15 feet of water on a balmy late March day. A great way to start the open-water season for both Mikes.

Five year old Trace and his brothers just knew they were “good luck charms” for their dad and grandpa during this years trapping season. Trace loves learning the craft and talks about the many experiences and memories he’s made. Trace made sure his dad got a picture of just him holding this bobcat so he could submit it to the “snapshot of the week.”

While fishing for pike at Yuba, Ryan latched into what he thought would be the biggest pike in the whole lake. After a fifteen minute battle, this 32 inch, 18 pound channel cat surfaced. Ryan says they never caught a pike that day, but it was well worth the trip to catch a beast like this.

Braden, his dad and his friend an epic fly fishing outing on their favorite river. These guys really needed a fix as they drove 3 hours each way to fish for just 5. In all they caught 60 fish and say “these are the days that make you ache for more.”

But our winner tonight, used a little ingenuity to capture this annual spring ritual. Spring is the breeding season for the greater sage grouse. David took a drive up near Strawberry Reservoir and found this lek, full of strutting sage grouse. He was prepared to capture the birds from a distance and snapped this shot through his spotting scope, just as the sun was coming up and the fog was burning off. A sight you don’t see that often and you captured it perfectly David, as you just won..our snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures or video, plus a brief explanation of your latest adventures online at The winner each week wins a Camp Chef Pro 60, deluxe two burner stove. Perfect for the outdoors or the back yard, from our friends at Camp Chef.

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