Snapshot of the Week: Aug. 22, 2015

We kick it off right where we left off on the banks of the Green River. Derek was up on the upper stretches of the green when he latched into this big fish on a streamer. He released the big brown to fight another day.

Jacob was scouting for an upcoming elk hunt in Central Utah when he spotted these big, beautiful bulls. He says the sight of these bulls sure got his blood pumping, he can’t wait for the chase. I’m sure with the archery hunt now in full swing, that’s where you’ll find Jacob right now, chasing bulls.

Jamie looked our her kitchen window to see this hawk snatch a robin off of her bird feeder. She says she watched him as he tore into his prey for 30 minutes. Then as his meal was over, he perched on her hammock, just a like a man would do after dinner.

Dave took his daughter Kenadee out for an evening drive and Kenadee spotted this elk trying to cross the road. He was so close Dave could barely get the bull in frame with his phoneskope. As you can see the bulls are starting to rub, the rut is almost upon us.

But our winner tonight captured some of the most intense video we’ve ever seen. Melissa sent us this video of a bear that her dad Rob got on his trailcamera up in Island Park. It’s a hobby for Rob, but this guy gave the whole family a scare!

Apparently this big bear didn’t want to smile for the camera. The family did get this still shot of the same bear earlier this Summer. Melissa says they now carry bear spray anytime they go for a hike in the woods and who would blame them! Now, this ornery bear has won you our big prize for having scared the heck out of us and for having just won the snapshot of the week.

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