Snapshot of the Week: Dec. 20, 2014

We kick it off with Dallas Jensen and his first big bull after only his second year of hunting elk. Dallas found this bull on the first day of the hunter, and one follow-up shot put him down for good.

Jack Parson turned 80 years young this year, and here he is with his dog and seven ducks. Eighty years old and he still doesn’t miss a Saturday out chasing birds.

Todd was on his limited-entry elk hunt this year, and had his son-in-law behind him. While Todd crept in on the bull, his son-in-law had his own wildlife experience — with a bobcat. What a great tale to tell around the campfire.

These sisters Jesse and Shelly Abbott bagged their bucks within minutes of each other on this year’s general season deer hunt. Both shots were one and done.

Our winner tonight found some spectacular scenery on a hunt with his brother. Chris and Nathan found some great ducks, and cleaned up with a brilliant sunset. The highlight of the trip wasn’t the ducks, but the scenery. Those are some fantastic shots, Chris.

Submit your pictures and video online at The winner gets a Camp Chef two-burner outdoor grills.

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