Snapshot of the Year: Dec. 27, 2014

The snapshot shot of the week contest is one of our more popular segments. We love to look at all the photos we receive each week. The final votes are in and boy was it close and here they are.

Coming in at third place is a father and son outing that won our contest back in May. This is Brad and his son Sam on Sams’ 8th birthday. Brad and Sam have a journal called the “quest for 35.” A challenge to catch all 35 game fish in Utah. So far, they’ve caught 15, including these two kokanee. For third place, Brad and Ross take home a Goal Zero Switch 8, solar charging kit. Good luck guys on your quest.

In second place is a unique photo Trevor didn’t even take, but his trail camera did. Trevor was hunting bears in Utah this past spring when his trail camera captured this bull elk and bear having a stare down, less than ten feet apart. Trevor was able to harvest this exact bear just a few days later and says. “It just goes to show that you never know what you’ll see while spending time in the outdoors.” Trevor also takes home a Goal Zero Switch 8, solar kit.

And in first place, by just the slightest of margins, is a sight fitting for the holidays. Lorenzo and his wife Stacy love to take their girls out for a ride and show them the beautiful deer that live near their home. They were able to capture this awesome shot of this mule deer in flight. Lorenzo says, considering the season it was great to prove to his girls that yes, reindeer really do fly. Congrats Lorenzo, you not only lay claim to the best snapshot of 2014, you also take home our great prize. This Camp Chef pellet grill, it simply cooks better.

Remember to submit your pictures and a brief explanation of your latest outdoor adventures online at The winner each week wins a great prize from our friends over at Camp Chef.

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