Snapshot of the Week: Jan. 23, 2016

We kick it off with a painful fishing trip. Terry took a family of five on their first ice fishing adventure. Terry decided to sneak up behind 12 year old Rachel to scare her. Big Mistake. Rachel set the hook and ended up catching the Utah State record sucker! This trip will always be remember as the one Rachel gave Terry a new piercing.

Denny and his buddy Lyle were fishing at Hyrum Dam when Denny hooked into the big one. The fish was so big Denny yelled at Lyle to come help him. The fish came to the hole, Lyle reached in and the German brown got his revenge and bit Lyle’s thumb and drew first blood! The second time Lyle was ready and plunged his whole arm into the icy lake and pulled out Denny’s 30 inch long, 12 pound brute. A huge fish for Denny and for Hyrum.

This is Hunter Puzey on his first duck hunt where he limited out. And, he shot his first banded duck, a beautiful drake mallard. The duck was banded as a juveninle in California. Hunter couldn’t be more proud, as every duck hunter knows how hard this feat can be, especially at such a young age.

While hunting bunnies on the Fishlake unit over Christmas break, the Butler family came across this one in a million black jack rabbit.
Many animals can have a mutation called melanism but this is a first for the Butler family and for us.

and finally our winner tonight caps off a great waterfowl season with a fun last hunt. Rusty and his brother in law took Rusty’s two kids Oakley and Easton on their first duck hunt on the last hunt of the season. The kids loved watching their dog Tess work her magic as she retrieved the ducks. It was a cold day, but the kids had fun, even helped pack out. Just as the sun set on another year, the family snapped this beautiful photo. Rusty says, “Get your kids into the great outdoors.” A great message Rusty that everyone can learn from and your last hunt has won you our big prize as you just won, our snapshot of the week.

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