Snapshot of the Week: May 16, 2015

We start with Levi and his dad who took an 8 mile mountain bike ride to get away from other hunters, only to find more people as the sun came up. That’s when their good friend Dave Hansen helped them get permission on private property. The landowner showed them right where to go and it worked like clockwork! Levi wanted to thank Glen for making a boy and a dad’s dream come true.

This is Anthony’s first turkey after two years of trying. He says it was truly an amazing experience. He had to hike to cut this bird off, once he did, he put his decoy out and hit the box call. In true thunder chicken form, the bird came a running. What a great way to spend a Monday morning.

Rich took the boys to southeastern Utah for a few days of shed hunting and they lucked out finding not one, but two beautiful, fresh elk shed. Despite the wind and snow, Rich says, it was a mighty fun trip.

Nathan and his brother in law Jeff took Nathan’s 17 year old daughter Megan turkey hunting and for the third year in a row, she got one. After looking on-line they noticed that this tom is the third largest bird every taken by a female. Nathan says, he’s super proud of his daughter.

But our winner tonight just completed his hunters safety, and caught his first hunt on video.
Dad had put the birds to rest the evening before and knew right where to put his ten year old son Jaxson opening morning.
shoot him! Woo!
Tell Merrill what you think. I think that’s it’s awesome! Want to go see him? (nods)
no matter what the size is, it’s a trophy to me because it’s my first bird.

No doubt Jaxson, a great trophy, and some awesome video that has landed you and your dad our big prize for having the video and the snapshot of the week!

Remember submit your pictures or video, plus a brief explanation of your latest adventures online at The winner each week wins a Camp Chef Pro 60, deluxe two burner stove. Perfect for the outdoors or the back yard, from our friends at Camp Chef.

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