Snapshot of the Week: July 11, 2015

Ryan and his family were up fishing Strawberry when young Millie yelled “FISH ON!” Ryan turned around to see this big rainbow jump out of the water and watch as Millie landed the bow all by herself. A great day with the fam up at the berry.

Shawn and his dad were up at Yuba back in May and decided to anchor up in an area they thought they might have some luck. Shawn says the fishing was tough, but dad did get one bite, that netted them this 38 inch, 13 pound pike.

On a ride up American Fork Canyon with some friends Tanje and her husband stopped to cook a hotdog over the fire and spotted these two moose splashing and playing in the water. They say it was one of the coolest things they’ve ever seen and the reflection on the water was just amazing.

Dan’s friend Justin had been tossing rapala’s for an hour at Yuba with no luck the night before Father’s Day. Dan walked up with his daughters small pink ultralight spinning rod and gold Kastmaster spoon. Justin told Dan there’s no way he was going to catch anything on that light of rig or that spoon. Two casts later Dan tied into this fat northern. The group posed with the beast and sent him on his way. I’m sure Dan is still giving Justin a hard time.

But our winner tonight captured a fish trying to get away. Back in May, buddies Bodie and Max were out showing their dads how to get it done on the Weber river. To their surprise this beatiful brown was done with having his picture taken and made his escape back to the river. Tyler says there’s nothing better than watching the kids fall in love with fishing and the outdoors. A great shot boys, worthy of our great prize as your shot just landed you our big prize for having…the snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures or video, plus a brief explanation of your latest adventures online at The winner each week wins the new, just released Stryker backpacking stove. Camp Chef celebrating 25 years of making stoves for the backcountry or the back patio.

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