Snapshot of the Week: March 28, 2015

Last fall Brian decided to take his son Caden, his nephew Carter and their friend Daxton out for the youth waterfowl opener. The boys practiced their shooting, scouted and boy did it pay off. Caden and Carter both bagged their first goose and Daxton got his first duck. The kids had a blast and will always remember their first hunt as friends.

Shane, his wife Paige and their friends Robert and Riley Blanchard had one heck of a hunting trip to Saskatchewan. In all they bagged 333 birds including cranes, ducks, light and dark geese, even sharp tailed grouse. The highlight was their 80 bird snow goose limit, which included 4 banded birds. Paige even got some jewelry on the trip, her first blue goose band. They are already saving their pennies for a future trip.

Andrea and her husband Aaron both drew lion tags this year and after a few days of unsuccessful hunting and some late snow, both were able to fill their tags. Brandon took this smaller lion in the snow and the next day Andrea took this monster tom in the red rocks. Brandon says it was great spending time with his wife and his lifelong hunting partner, his dad Chad Brown. .

Garrett and his buddies flew to New Zealand, hitched hiked three days to the trail head and then hiked four days in pouring rain, over mountain ranges gaining over three thousand feet to get to this sucluded river. That’s where Garrett latched into this beautiful, twenty eight inch buck brown on a cicada. I’m sure the fish made the twenty five mile pack in well worth it.

Finally our winner tonight found some time to escape school by throwing a line. Seth and his brother took advantage of a beautiful spring day to escape to the Weber River. Seth is in graduate school and says, he needed the break. The boys says the fishing that day was as good as the weather. They only wish they would have invited their dad along. This is Seth perched on the rock, his brother Jeremy took the shot and enjoys the great outdoors as much as Seth. Well boys, the next time you head out, don’t forget dear old dad and don’t forget your big prize, as you two just hauled in our…snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures or video, plus a brief explanation of your latest adventures online at The winner each week wins a Camp Chef Pro 60, deluxe two burner stove. Perfect for the outdoors or the back yard, from our friends at Camp Chef.

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