Snapshot of the Week: March 14, 2015

It’s not everyday that you get to see a three legged doe standing next to a colossal buck. Jake however did just that. But he also got a standoff of this coyote trying to get a the doe. Jake says, the joke was on ol’ willy coyote, who didn’t stand a chance, as the herd chased right the dog, right out of the field. An incredible sight unlike anything Jake has ever seen.

David and his son started hunting chuckars this year and after three failed attempts, David finally knocked one down. David says it was a windy day hiking through tough terrain and these birds David has learned are one of the toughest birds to hit and hunt.

Barry saw our Flaming Gorge mack show from a few weeks ago and decided to reunite with an old high school buddy and give it a try. He and his buddy contacted Clark Sabey and says Clark was a great guy, guide and a ton of fun. Barry says it was a cold, windy, snowy day out on the water, but the fishing and company couldn’t be beat.

The Siren Duck Calls crew was out on an early march hunt blasting away at a flock of snow geese, when their gopro captured this awesome image of Chesapeake Bay retriever Journee springing into action while the barrels were pointed to the sky and the geese were falling.

but our winner tonight overcame his fear of heights to bag some beautiful pictures and video. Kelly is an avid hunter who travels around the west video taping hunts for others. Back in January, following local outfitter Jared Higgin they tracked this cagy tom to these southern Utah cliffs and got some amazing footage. Jared’s dogs Thunder and King kept the cat at bay as Kelly, who is terrified of heights crept out on the cliffs edge, to capture this amazing video. The pictures, the video, the amazing scenery and this cool cat are all worthy Kelly of our big prize, as you just hauled in our snapshot of the week.

Remember submit your pictures or video, plus a brief explanation of your latest adventures online at The winner each week wins a Camp Chef Explorer-two burner stove. Plenty of power, great for camping, from our friends over at Camp Chef.

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