Snapshot of the Week: Feb. 28, 2015

We kick it off with this really cool stag Derrick shot on last years deer hunt. Derrick had spotted the buck in a steep canyon two mornings in a row and set up perfectly to take him opening morning. Derrick had no idea what he’d shot until he walked up to the full velvet buck with four drop tines.

Twelve year old Porter finished hunter safety just in time to go on his first deer hunt and what a buck he scored. He was hunting up in Idaho when he downed the buck on the opening morning. This 27 inch wide buck is the first buck he laid eyes on. A great buck, tough to beat, but the kid has many more seasons ahead of him to try.

Colton passed up several smaller bucks waiting for mister big to give him a chance. Not only did he get that chance, but scored big time with this heavy, 25 inch four by four. What a great deer for only a second year hunter.

While bow hunting on the La Sal Mountains Philip came upon this cabin, thought it was cool and took a picture of it. As he got closer to it, he noticed a doe standing inside the cabin. Philip says, he’s not sure how she got in there, other than she squeezed through the gate. He took her picture and went about his hunt.

But our winner tonight got this great picture of a big buck rutting some does, while his sister shot video from afar. Taylor is a southern Utah guide and is always out looking for big bucks. He found this giant rutting some does back in November and decided to try and get a picture. He was able to creep within 40 yards of the herd and got this great shot. His sister Crystal was back a few hundred yards and got this cool video using a phonskope mounted on a Vortex spotting scope. We weren’t sure who did better Taylor you or your sister, but either way you two siblings will have to fight over our big prize for having just won..our snapshot of the week.

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