Snapshot of the Week: Feb. 21, 2015

We kick it off this week with Matt and his brother Jared, who decided it was about time to get 4-year-old Rigley on the ice for her first time. What better place to do it than Fish Lake. Now the Bateman family has a new angler in their ranks.

A truck fire afflicted the Bateman family, but that didnt’ stop them from having an epic day — including these two monster cutthroats in the same day.

John had one of the greatest fishing days of his life, fulfilling his lifelong dream of catching a lake trout of over 30 pounds. These beast, in fact, nearly reached 40 pounds.

Our runner-up waited 11 years to draw her limited entry elk tag, and ended it quick with this shot of a giant elk bull.

Bill didn’t shoot this great shot, but his better half Bev did. She had her camera at the ready just as this osprey dove and snatched their trout out of the water.

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