Snapshot of the Week: Feb. 14, 2015

When you are out with your friends, make sure to grab your camera and submit your photos to our snapshot of the week contest.

We kick it off with Jared and his daughter enjoying a daddy-daughter hate at this hunt, where the young gun showed daddy how to ‘bring home the bacon.’

David and his dog Hank experienced a season of highs and lows during waterfowl seasons. He had more than 30-plus days in the hunt, and Hank came along with him most of the time.

Casey took his girlfriend fishing at Strawberry, and she caught one that will last a lifetime. Casey had tied a fake fish to his line, had his girlfriend reel it in, and she saw the words attached: “Marry me.” Of course, she said yes.

Check out this great shot Greg took of a rising moon using his scope cam.

But our winner Dennis caught this duck shredding a wave. Check out this drake pintail coming in for a landing, just as the fowl extended his landing gear and ‘hanging ten.’

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