Snapshot of the Week: Feb. 7, 2015

We start off with Troy’s biggest buck to date. After 13 years, Troy and his father in law drew out on the Deseret CWMU. Troy anchored this beauty, and both say this was the best hunt they’ve been on.

Check out Kim’s season buck from last season.

Rusty was able to help his cousins back these two great bucks at exactly the same time, from 300 yards away. He counted to three, and both fired, and both bucks went down. Rusty bagged his own buck later on in the hunt.

The Hadlock family had one heck of a year in 2014. Check out these catches from the children during a season this family will never forget.

But our winner has hunted elk for 30 years and made every mistake in the book — until now. Wade and his boys bagged this elk 10 minutes into the hunt on this year’s opening morning. He wanted to make sure to thanks his children for making this find entirely possible.

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