Snapshot of the Week: May 30, 2015

We kick off the week with Gordon, who took his grandson Chase fishing and caught the fish of a lifetime. They were fishing in Syracuse when Chase landed this whopper, and they decided to mount the Rainbow to preserve Chase’s catch forever.

Chris and his buddy Ben were out looking for shed antlers when they saw this young buck caught in a fence. They were able to flag down a pair of pruning shears and cut the young deer loose, but not before catching this picture.

Jace and his girlfriend Candace caught this bass during a fishing extravaganza. The first night there, Candance caught this giant bucket mouth — not the first time Jace’s girlfriend has out-fished him.

Gary caught this male northern Harrier while he was cruising the causeway to Antelope Island State Park.

But our winner tonight submitted a photo that fit perfectly with tonight’s show. Jeannie sent this shot of her son Dyla practicing a rappel in Moab. It’s a cool shot, and one you don’t see very often — which is why it wins our big prize for having the snapshot of the week.

Click the video for all the photos.

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